Tarik releases statement about the Cloud9 roster and recent developments

Cloud9 recently lost two of its counter Strike members. While Skadoodle has gone inactive and has been playing World Of Warcraft, Stewie2k has now moved to SK Gaming. The loss of 40% of their roster definitely will change the Cloud9 roster and its performance. According to certain reports, they are looking towards Xizt as a potential replacement for the team. While still unconfirmed, it will be interesting to note that Cloud9 were the latest Major winners.


Tyler and Stew departing from our team is understandably heartbreaking for many of our fans. We won a major together as an American team on American soil and this is something that will go down in history for all of us. I do wish that somehow we could have made it work but all good things must come to an end. Every team faces challenges and I truly feel that we made the best of our situation for as long as we could. Change is never easy and we have a difficult road ahead of us but I want to reassure all of our fans that we will recover. Me, Tim, Will, and Soham are motivated to come back stronger and prove to everyone that this will be a new beginning for Cloud9.

Stay tuned and get hype for our new roster.



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