Overwatch PTR brings about nerfs to Brigitte

Brigitte was the 27th hero announced in Overwatch a few days earlier. The new hero, who is related to Reinhardt as well as Torbjorn in some way; has now undergone roster changes. These changes are meant to reduce the effectiveness of the hero which is currently a bit too overpowered.

The changes involved are :

Shield Bash

  • Added a small delay before her shield drops after a Shield Bash.
  • Added a vertical speed cap after Shield Bash.
  • Please note that we are still tuning this value.

Rocket Flail

  • Cancelling a melee swing renders you unable to melee again until it would have completed had it not been cancelled.


  • Ultimate cost increased by about 30 percent.


  • Decreased cooldown from two seconds to one-and-a-half seconds.

The Shield bash nerf will hit the hero the hardest as it was considered too overpowered by the Tracer and Genji gameplay style.

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