XQC in a huge controversy regarding his behaviour on-stream

XQC is in a huge controversy recently regarding his performance on stream. The tank player for Dallas Fuel, who has seen very little gameplay time during the official matches in the Overwatch League.┬áHe got called out for ridiculing Muma’s sexuality and calling him out with expletives. For a professional gamer that he is, one expects him to be better behaved especially when it comes to his peers. XQC has always had a very aggressive personality on stream and it was not a big surprise to its viewers to watch him behave the way he has.

After his actions, The Overwatch League banned him from the league for Four weeks. Dallas fuel themselves also banned him for one week, which basically puts him out of the League for the remainder of Stage 1. Overwatch Players who are a part of the Overwatch League should be media trained in a way that they can maintain their decorum right now.


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