Fragsters make changes to their CSGO roster

Fragsters have announced changes to their CSGO roster. They have benched Froslev from their active roster while bringing in Bubski to their team. The team has been making several changes to their lineup particularly due to their poor performances.

“Right now, we are in a situation where the results are against us even though everyone on the team has fought hard to make it work. We need to pull the brake and turn our heads back to the fundamentals in our game which played a role in our success in 2017.”

“We have to admit that our game plan works out with Bubski as a part of the team which forces us to prioritise finding solutions regarding the social aspect. Our results have always been the most important for us in Fragsters, even if some people don’t have that conception. We made many good decisions in the past, but benching Bubski wasn’t one of them.”

“Contrary to the decision regarding benching Bubski, which was the player’s decision, we all agree in this matter. That’s a great starting point when we have to grind us through 2018 and conquer the world. fr0slev and refrezh are the same types in the game which makes them the only options to be replaced by Bubski.”

The current roster for the team is :

Denmark Nicolai “torben” Amorim
Denmark Martin “stavn” Lund
Denmark Lucas “Bubski” Andersen
Denmark Jacob “dragonfly” Lund
Denmark Ismail “refrezh” Ali (trial)

Denmark Magnus “fr0slev” Frøslev (bench)


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