Gale Force drop their CSGO roster

Gale Force drop their CSGO roster and they released this news with the following statement.

Due to all the people who asked me or my teammates about our situation in @Gale Force, and considering that the organization hasn’t made yet any statement about it, I see it as my duty to inform you about what is going on.

First of all, we would like to thank the organization and all our followers for trusting in our abilities, for your daily support in our streamings and in the channels that stream our games. Tell you that we always try to improve ourselves and grow individually and collectively, in order to get more achievements and give you a high quality CS.

So, next January 21 will begin the season 27 of the ESEA MDL Premier, and we still without professional visas to travel to USA and do what we love to do, compete and give you all our best performances. Our contract with Gale Force has around 6 months more validity, and according to it, some agreed issues are not being fulfilled at all.

During the beginning of the MDL, and hopefully only at the beginning, we will be competing from our homes, with latencies of between 170 and 250 ms, with the exception of MarKE who will be able to do it with the same latency as always.

We have promised and signed that we wouldn’t seek alternatives without first having an answer from the organization about our situation, until Friday, January 12, they informed us that we wouldn’t continue defending their squad.

That is why we are currently looking for new proposals. You can contact us through or, via Twitter at @jotita_be

Thank you very much for understanding!

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