UnikoinGold (UKG) is the future of eSports wagering

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]sports in recent years gathered a massive audience globally. In the last 3 years, more than 20 million people annually, tuned in to watch the finals of The League of Legends World championship, one of the most thrilling eSport tournaments. Basically, eSports, is a video game based competition, which is sometimes referred to as electronic sports. Some of most popular video games associated with eSports include first-person shooter, fighting and so on. The League of Legends world championship, The International and the Intel Extreme Masters are among some of the exciting tournaments in eSports.

We are licensed for betting, we have an odds creation engine with the most comprehensive odds in the world – we have a tournament platform – we run onsite and online tournaments – we have team ownership – we are the largest shareholder in Maingear – we create written/video content, and are becoming a household name in the eSports industry.

– Rahul Sood, CEO of Unikrn

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Unikrn Role in the eSports Industry

You cannot mention eSports without referring to the role that Unikrn has played in making the industry vibrant. Unikrn, is a player in the esports industry, which provides a wagering platform. It offers esports fans across the globe with unmatched betting experience in not only online but also live activities. Unikrn currently offers gambling operations ranging from live streams and videos, written content to inter-user tournaments and betting in live eSports matches.

In a span of 3 years, Unikrn has turned its data to one of the most detailed eSports books to have ever existed. It has developed both spectator and skilled based technologies of betting with new version to be launched soon. The company not only dictates stakes in the eSports industry, but has also created its tournament series. It has also created its own eSports news, analysis and original videos, courtesy of their well-established content studio.

It appears the sky is the limit for Unikrn. This eSports platform, takes into consideration the feedback from its community. The Unikrn management believes that the ideas of their platform users are one of their most valuable insights regarding feedback. Through this customer interaction, the company is in sync with their white paper road map.

Founded in 2014, Unikrn has employees across its offices in Berlin, Sydney, Seattle and Las Vegas. Back in 2015 Unikrn was named a Seattle 10 startup. Unikrn raised $15 million in the token presale for eSports cryptocurrency from Mark Cuban, Pantera Capital, Blockchain Capital, CoinCircle and much more. The company, back then allowed fans to place their bets with the Unikoin. Unikoin is basically the digital token that Unikrn used to use in its platform.

Unikrn wagering service is not lawful in the U.S currently however has customers from Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Local U.S customers can however access the Unikrn  to view chats and odds. However, the management has plans of making their way to the U.S market. With the growing interest in the customer base, Unikrn does not want to restrict itself in wagering.

The company has several notable investors including the Shark Tank star Mark Cuban and media executives Shari Redstone and Elisabeth Murdoch. The company is also under the capable CEO Rahul Sood. Sood has a proven track record serving as a long-time chief technical officer of HP global and later founded and managed Microsoft Ventures. With this formidable team, the company is on the verge of achieving a high adoption rate and their token greatly demanded in crowd-sale.

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2018: Year of UnikoinGold

UnikoinGold is designed like an ERC20 token, based on the Ethereum block chain. It is used for the purpose of betting on eSports tournaments, matches and any other business around gaming. It is also used to give a nod for the interchange and exchange of a reward system that is point based. UnikoinGold shall be used as an incentive token and a reward for teams, participants and players.

UnikoinGold is among the most recent initiates in the dynamic and vigorous crypto currency market. Its ticker symbol is UKG and is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency that is decentralized and has a token which is designed for high capacity.

UnikoinGold is well developed to provide high security and offer affordable prices not only for gaming but also sport and other related transactions. The major goal of the team, which is well stipulated in its website, is to propel a one-stop and unbiased eSports transactions using UnikoinGold within the eSports and gaming ecosystem. The transactions are supposed to create an unparalleled experience for the players participating, the fan base and the content creators. This is very essential in delivering interesting news and analysis and a fascinating betting experience.

Some of the upgrades made by Unikrn include the setting up of Unikrn wallet and the launch of UnikoinGold. Unikrn wallet was established so as to rejuvenate the betting experience of the platform. Unikrn wallets are not only exclusive but also safe and fast. The Unikrn managers do believe that this wallet is the key to better future upgrades. When you sign up for the wallet, you unlock he ability to use the latest features which comprise of playing games, earning UnikoinGold and obtaining entries to win prizes.

Despite Unikrn wallet being safe it is always advisable that one keeps their huge storage of UnikoinGold offline in a hardware wallet. Unikrn wallets also ensures that the tokens in partner platforms, and also its Unikrn platform, are to be transacted in a hyper-fast, entropy free, unequivocally safe and in high volumes. The wallets allows users to play great competitive games like Rocket League, in the world and in the process farm the UnikoinGold.

In late 2017, just like other popular cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Bitcoin, UnikoinGold took advantage of the late year surge and reaped some tangible benefits. However, UnikoinGold is yet to find its footing just as expected of a newbie. UKG (UnikoinGold) managed a 55% price hike over the final months of the year 2017. The future of UnikoinGold lies in its ability to attract more customers.

As had been stated earlier, Unikrn reserves 15% of the tokens so as to stabilize the UnikoinGold price if need arises. For example, when the price of UKG shoots rapidly, Unikrn releases more tokens in order to bring the balance between the supply and the demand. In doing so the token price, then stabilizes.

Unikrn is headed for a bright future if its dominance, in the eSports sector, is anything to go by. With the emergence of the UnikoinGold tokens, Unikrn is bound to attract investors who would want to try their luck in the platform. Unikrn maintained their fiat betting after the launch of the UKG cryptocurrency in locations where its betting and gambling activities are unlawful.

It is reported that Unkrn boasts of over 4 million active users, 90000 of them, being those who have actually placed bets on the platform. ChallengeMe.GG is partnering with Unikrn to provide regular tournaments. Unikrn is still offering its skin-for-UKG exchange so that they can make the appropriate prize cache.

The company is committed to offer a whole gratification of their site opening a broad earning platform and more amazing prizes to be won. It is committed to introducing more titles, PVP platform, live stats, readouts and matches at their eSports platforms. The company is also committed to broadening the rapidly expanding custom content, that it has with the UKG tie ins. European rollout has also been availed and a license secured.

It’s been the best innovation to come from any of the esports betting sites worldwide.


It is beyond a reasonable doubt, that Unikrn and its cryptocurrency token UnikoinGold are headed for greatness in the near future. With their outstanding team being led by mastermind Rahul Sood we can only expect great things to come in 2018. If you are considering purchasing UnikoinGold (UKG), you may do so on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex and Kucoin, among others.


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