Dota2 Pro Circuit now accepting proposals for tournaments next year

The Dota2 Pro Circuit is now accepting proposals for next year. The scene will be looking forth toward three standard majors and a multitude of smaller minors.

  • For Majors, we are looking for proposals for three events in the next Fall season. While the exact dates below are not hard requirements, we would prefer proposals that have the Grand Finals landing on these weekends.
    • October 20-21
    • November 17-18
    • December 15-16
  • Proposals should be emailed to¬†
  • Proposals should contain as many details about the tournament as possible — location, venue, format, etc.
  • Starting in Fall 2018, all Majors are required to be 16-team tournaments.
  • Though we are accepting proposals for both Majors and Minors, we will be making our selections for Majors first, followed by the Minors.
  • We will be accepting proposals for Major and Minors through February 16, after which we will begin reviewing submissions.

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