Team Kinguin pull out of Galaxy Battles 2

Team Kinguin are the latest team to pull out of the Galaxy Battles 2 tournament. The tournament which recently lost its Major status after Valve could not guarantee the safety of its players has seen several teams pull out of the tournament. There are also reports that the tournament organizers will be more than ready to refund ticket prices to the attendees.

Today, we are sad to announce our withdrawal from Manila Galaxy Battles II. Based off the decision of Valve to no longer support the event, we have also decided, alongside many other teams, to put the safety and privacy of our players first. This will also allow us to focus all of our efforts towards upcoming events in the Pro Circuit. With Valve stating the reason for withdrawal as “unreasonable infringements of the privacy of players”, we have and always will hold a policy of putting our players’ safety as a priority.

Source : Kinguin

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