North announce new director of esports

North Gaming have undergone some fundamental changes to their management. They will be having a new Director of esports in Whimp. He has a storied career in Counter-Strike 1.6 winning several tournaments and trophies. Some of the most notable wins include WCG 2008 and WEM 2008.

We believe that Jonas’ past as a competitive player, as well as his analytical and structured approach to management, will help the organization, both in the immediate future and in the long term

Whimp gave a statement to HLTV:

“North is one of the best teams in the world, and when they presented me with the opportunity to become Director of Esports, I jumped at the chance. I believe that I bring something unique to the table, as I come into the job – not as an outsider with no grasp of esports – but as a once professional that is coming back to the game I love. I want to utilize the winning mentality and management experience I have accumulated as a competitive Counter-Strike 1.6-player, and management consultant at Deloitte, to realize the potential of our teams.”

Source : HLTV

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