SZPERO statement on leaving Kinguin

First of all, I would like to say it was a hard decision to make for me. I spent a lot of time deciding the pros and cons of it.

After winning PLE (a month ago) we were approached by Kinguin saying that they’re going to make a team of 3 poles and Fox+Mutiris, which were already contracted to Kinguin. At first, the 3 guys were supposed to be me, Michu and Rallen. After a long time of thinking I decided to step down, effectively making Mouz the 5th (What I think is the best for them, because he is really good riffler and calm player). I prefered to play in a full Polish lineup at the time, which wasn’t the option at new Kinguin. I wholesomely understand the decision made by Kinguin – it’s an org with ambition and passion for gaming, and they won’t settle for world-wide average results at best (goals for top 15 HLTV, wins at big events which are not only in Poland). I was also the IGL which I wasn’t really comfortable with. I want to be a full time awper, which I really miss, because it’s hard to focus on both AWPing and IGL.

It’s been 3 years with the team and 1,5 years in Kinguin. I decided to try something new, play with different people with different views about the game. Will it be better? We will see. I will have a lot of time now to decide what to do next and see my offers. For now, I need some rest, play the game for fun and stream in the meantime. I don’t want to make any hasty choices and ofcourse I’m still contracted to Team Kinguin. Time will tell what’s next in the CSGO world for me.

I would like to thank the players and the coach in Team Kinguin that I had the pleasure to play with. With no doubts it was the best time in my professional career as a player. I won’t forget all the bootcamps, events and moments. I learned a lot, not only as a player, but as a human being. We were the first and only team to beat VP on LAN; at some point our team was ranked 12th on HLTV and we dominated all the Polish events. I’m proud of what we have achieved, but I know we could do much better. Thank you to the Kinguin organization for everything they have done for me, for the trust and support.

I wish the new team all the best. It’s unknown what to expect from them now, but individually they have a very skilled-based and capable team. I hope they can surprise us.

In the end I would like to say thanks to the fans, it’s very motivating and pleasing to me after reading through your overwhelming support. I hope I will come back even stronger with my AWP skills at big events – I am not done just yet.

You’re the best! <3


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