Kinguin adds fox and Mutiris to their CSGO roster

Kinguin add fox and Mutiris to their CSGO roster. Fox is primarily remembered as a popular player of the Portuguese team k1ck. His experience, which he accumulated while playing for such teams as G2, FaZe, SK (stand-in) and dignitas will be a key factor in the team’s future endeavors. We are confident that his individual skills and familiarity with international events will elevate the team’s results to a new level.

MUTiRiS has spent most of the last eight years playing for k1ck, first in 1.6 and then in CS:GO, attending multiple international events. Christopher is often regarded by the community as a strong entry fragger. We are sure that, together with Fox, MUTiRiS will achieve great results alongside his new teammates.

Source : Kinguin

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