Gambit miss WESG Asia Pacific Regional Finals

The Gambit roster has been bootcamping in Ukraine since quite some time. Some of the players have got residency permits in the country and have become well acquainted with the entire country. That being said, they require a barcoded invitation from the tournament organisers. Unfortunately WESG were not able to provide the invitation on time and as a result Gambit will be missing out on WESG.

In 2016 China toughened visa acquisition process for residents of Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Chinese consulate implemented limitations towards citizens of Kazakhstan acquiring both tourist and work visas.

They will be using this time in order to continue their bootcamp and practice for the Eleague Major 2018.

Gambit CS:GO players have been residing on a permanent basis in Kiev for over a year, consequently all of them have already acquired residence permits in Ukraine. In order to apply for visas to China from Kiev Gambit’s players had to receive special invitations with barcode from tournament organizer, but, unfortunately, WESG representatives weren’t able to provide them.”

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