Pimp joins Dignitas as a streamer

Pimp has returned to his former organisation, Dignitas. The player who is without any team right now has returned to the fold as a streamer. One of the most talented players from Denmark, Pimp has been under the shadow of more talented players in the past.

We’re thrilled to bring back Jacob “Pimp” Winnche for 2018 – one of the Team Dignitas’ CS:GO members from our team’s 2015 era. Pimp joined Team Dignitas on January 26, 2015 – to play alongside Kjaerbye, Nico, FeTiSh, aizy and later MSL, schneider and tenzki.

With Team Dignitas, Pimp took 1st place at the 99Damage Masters #2, 3-4th at Gfinity Masters Summer #1 and 2nd at the CS:GO Champions League Season 1. Following his time with Team Dignitas, Pimp went on to play for SK Gaming and then moved over to North America where he competed with Team Liquid.

After stepping down from competitive play, Pimp offered his game knowledge to millions of fans as an analyst for various Dreamhack and ESL events, including the most recent Dreamhack Open Winter 2017 and ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals.


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