Overwatch begins its 8th Season

The hit FPS game, Overwatch has begun its new season. While there have not been any big changes so far for the new season, there is the promise of new changes coming soon. With the performance based SR to be removed for this season, we will be witnessing a huge change to the entire matchmaking experience. There will also be a new map going live for the season.

Over the last few months, we’ve been listening to your feedback and working behind the scenes to make this season of Competitive Play better than ever. So, before you dive into your placement matches, let’s talk about what’s new for Season 8.


  • The maximum Skill Rating difference between the highest and the lowest skill rated player on the same team has been reduced. The ranges have been changed to the following:
    • 1000 SR for Bronze through Diamond
    • 500 SR for Master
    • 250 SR for Grandmaster
  • This change should help players at both the lower and higher limits of Skill Rating get placed with allies and against opponents of a similar skill level, which in turn should lead to more satisfying games overall.


  • Personal performance Skill Rating adjustments for Diamond-tier players and above have been removed. Previously, Skill Rating gained or lost in these tiers was calculated in part by how well you performed during a match. We hope this will help players focus more on winning matches rather than on their individual performance. To learn more about this change, click here.

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