CSGO dropped from Gfinity Elite Series 3

CSGO will not be a part of Gfinity Elite Series 3. The esport title which has been seeing a declining esports scene in the UK with extremely volatile rosters and roster changes has been dropped after a lot of discussions amongst Gfinity executives.

There will be three titles at Gfinity Elite Series. They will be Rocket League, Street Fighter V and FIFA 18. FIFA 18 being the latest addition replaces CSGO as one of the three esport titles.

After six weeks of online competition, the top 40 players will enter the draft in the hope of being selected by one of the 10 teams, each drafting two players to become part of their active roster.

The teams will compete in a six-week regular season in a bid to make the play-offs, which will be played over a two-week period from the Gfinity Esports Arena in London.