Crumbz leaves LCK, expected to join OWL team

Crumbz leaves LCK and is expected to join the Overwatch League broadcast team. The caster from LCK was a part of the SpoTV broadcast team. While there were rumors mainly due to personalities in OW welcoming him;

It was mainly based on who the caster followed on Twitter, something that gave it away to many.

Ofcourse his own tweet about not casting LCK next year only confirmed these rumors to an extent.

During his time as a pro player, Crumbz’ best performance with the team included a 4th place finish in the NA LCS playoffs in the Summer Playoffs alongside players like Scarra and Imaqtpie. He later joined the ill-fated Renegades roster before departing to help coach Apex Gaming. He would then depart to become a caster shortly thereafter, where he was a popular addition to the NA LCS broadcast.

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