Flipside have made it to the Major, yet again – Ange1

The Boston Major is set to take place in January 2018 with several teams attending the major. Recently Valve updated the number of teams to play in the Major from 16 to 24. This provides a bigger opportunity for the teams to play and also ensures a bigger tournament With CSGO being one of the biggest esport titles in the world, we can expect more teams to make the Major and an increased quality of these matchups.

In all the hype towards the major, it seems everyone has missed one thing that should surprise all. Flipside, one of the teams in the qualifiers has made it to the Major Yet again. This defintiely comes a sa big surprise since Flipside have not shown any initiative to perform well neither do they ass a team strike as being strong. However under the leadership of seized they have been able to work their way through the qualifiers.


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