US lawmaker lays out the ground for anti-lootbox law

The recent controversy surrounding the StarWars Battlefront game meant that the focus of the mainstream media was on EA’s financial prospects following their backtracking on their business models.

Hawaii representative Chris Lee recently put out a video calling out Star Wars BattleFront for their business model. The representative has recently come out with a  new video proposing anti-loot box laws. These anti-loot box laws will pace the way for a more detailed inclusion of the gaming industry’s lucrative business plan within the rules.

He champions the cause of potentially limiting loot boxes to people over the age of 21. Gambling is not allowed for people under 21years of age, and with this video, he aims to include loot boxes as a gambling problem. Popular esports gambling sites like to ensure that sites like CSGOLounge are dangerous and unregulated systems are also very dangerous.

Lee also mentions the change of probabilities implemented by game publishers in an attempt to make the rarity of certain skins lower.

You can read more about the proposal and Chriss Lee at PCGamesN.

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