Semmler to join Blizzard as a Caster for Overwatch league

In a surprise move, one of the best CSGO casters in Semmler is all set to join OWL as a caster. The move comes after months of absence from the CSGO scene for Semmler. This is definitely big news as Semmler is well received across titles.

The report posted by ESPN, mentions that the deal is still under process and has not been completed. In their own words,

If the deal is completed, Semmler will start the new commentating gig around the Jan. 10 launch of the regular season of the Overwatch League. The preseason of the league launched on Wednesday at the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, California. Semmler will have to relocate back to his home country of the United States. Over the past few years, he has lived in Stockholm, where he moved to pursue esports.

While the deal would not bar Semmler from participating in CSGO events, it will definitely put a brake on the number of events he can do in CSGO. Blizzard’s OWL is the biggest esports league in the world and it would definitely be a big deal if Semmler joins them.

The competition or eSports audience has over 225 million unique viewers and is projected to be higher than audiences for many other professional sports leagues.

The production of premium content provides significant opportunities for these audiences in the fields of ticket sales, advertisement, sponsorship, licences and merchandising, as well as supporting the development of Esports betting.


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