Fernando Alonso creates own team with G2 esports

Fernando Alonso, the celebrated racer has formed his own esports team along with G2 esports. This new team will receive inputs from both parties. This is the first foray for Alonso into esports. Over the years we have seen several sport organisations and personalities investing into esports. With regular sports viewership declining and esports viewership increasing at a tremendous pace, the future is set in esports

“Every Formula 1 driver is a gamer at heart,” said Fernando Alonso. “Competing on the virtual stage opens a vast amount of possibilities for young drivers that wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to get into racing. For the first time ever, fans are no longer just spectators but can take part in the game and maybe become real sim racers on my team. I cannot think of better partners than G2 Esports and Logitech G to start this up with and I am raring to get going!”

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