Godsent bench Dennis

Godsent bench Dennis from their CSGO roster. The star-player who has been an amazing pistol round player has shown a deteriorating interest in CSGO with lack of results from the team. Godsent failed to qualify for the Major and that was the first time in his playing career that Dennis will not be playing at the Major.

Hello everyone,

Im currently benched and available to be bought. I will try to explain the reasons behind this as good as i can!

When i first joined i knew it was gonna be a struggle and a lot of hard work to become somewhat decent in the game.
After 2-3 months of playing together we had a few good wins and some very bad losses to teams i never thought i would struggle against.
The way we play in Godsent is not the way i want to play, theres no structure, discipline or teamplay.
Mostly just individually good plays to win the round, sure individual plays works if youre FaZe or SK but we dont have those individuals.
I just got more and more tired because i know i can do so much more as a player and with a more structured team/game plan behind me.

Thats pretty much it, i like everyone in the team IRL but ingame we just dont click and it was a long shot to even think this was possible.


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