Megaman’s prospects hurt by conflicting politics in CSGO scene

Megaman has been involved in the CSGO scene since a long time. His casting has been amazing and there has been a lot of compliment for the caster throughout the scene. Megaman however has not always been the busiest of personalities on the scene with jobs coming few and far between for the player. Recently in September 2017, he vowed not to shave his beard unless and until he gets a LAN event job.

However his latest tweet has definitely put out a shocker for the talent. While tournament organisers are willing to hire him, even eager to do so. However personal differences and some dislike for Megaman by other analysts on desk means that the tournament organisers have to give up the ideas of hiring Megaman. This comes as a shocker as Megaman is definitely worth the money and is an amazing caster. It is indeed sad to see politics hurting the career of this fabulous personality.

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