Faze Clan acquires Gorilla Core PUBG roster

Faze Clan have entered the growing PUBG scene with the acquisition of the Gorilla Core PUBG roster. PUBG has been an extremely fun esport to watch and implement, however the esports aspect of the game has failed to take off.

“We’ve been looking into games that we are enjoying and believing in. We believe PUBG is one of them and as a first step; we are entering the esports side of the game. PUBG being a new esports means that the key is to work with the players that have intense drive to put in hours required combined with to focus to progress every single day. Then the talent will put you over the top. Gorilla Core got that.”

There is also a PUBG league set to be released in South Korea following the game’s immense popularity in the capital of esports.

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