OGN is building a 100-seater stadium for hosting a PUBG league in 2018

PUBG has been gaining a lot of traction recently. The game which sold over 20 million copies has gained the attention of the premier Korean esports company. OGN Will be building a 100 seater stadium to start hosting PUBG leagues in 2018. 

This is amazing news for PUBG as OGN is one of the premier esports organisations in the world. In the capital of esports, Seoul , OGN has a very strong presence and is involved in almost all the major esports titles. PUBG has been an amazing game to play, but has suffered lacklustre interest in its esports section.

The dedicated 100-player studio goes to show the level of involvement from OGN, who seem determined to ride the PUBG hype wave that has hit South Korea. In August, the game surpassed Overwatch for the second most played game in PC Bangs and while it’s still far away from the undisputed leader League of Legends, it’s catching up.

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