Fnatic to miss Dreamhack Winter , play with a stand-in for WESG Regional finals

Fnatic have decided that they will be skipping Dreamhack Winter. They will also be using a stand-in for WESG Regional finals. This comes mainly as the team is facing scheduling and personal problems.

It is with regret that today our CS:GO team have been forced to withdraw from our upcoming participation at DreamHack Winter, and further to this compete with a stand-in player for KRiMZ at the WESG Regionals.

It is unfortunate, but due to several schedule related issues as well as unforeseen family circumstances, we have felt it necessary to take these decisions and give ourselves the best chance at success overall.

It’s important for us to stress that we did not take this lightly, particularly considering the opportunity to compete on home turf and our respect for the tournament organisers. We have worked at length to find the possible remedies and feel this is the best resolution, all factors considered.

We want to wish all our friends at DreamHack the best of luck in their tournament. Rest assured we’ll be cheering the teams on along with the rest of the home crowd in Jönköping!

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