Red Bull is opening an esports studio in the UK

Red Bull has been one of the foremost brands involved in Esports. They have consistently made investments and sponsorships in esports regularly. This has resulted in them being one of the most recognised brands not only in sports but esports as well. Esports has a very young demographic and as a result these youngsters have better purchasing capacity. Investing in esports from the beginning has constantly ensured that Red Bull has been very good in their presence.

The brand recently posted an advertisement on their website asking for applications for a full time esports studio manager. This manager will be based off the UK And will help in the development of a new studio in the region.

To enhance the credibility of Red Bull within the world of gaming and esports. To create the Gaming Sphere as the home of gaming and esports in the UK, building a core community of gamers, fans, publishers, partners, and influencers within it. To inspire, enable, challenge and encourage consumers within esports and gaming by delivering consistent activations, community engagement, and unique activities. To identify new opportunities within esports which we are not currently active in.


The studio will be based in London, but there has been no confirmation of the exact location of the studio. We will still see Red Bull repeatedly making investments into esports , investments that are definitely paying off for the company.

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