AKM bids farewell to his former teammates

AKM from Team Rogue has issued a public statement wherein he bids farewell to his former teammates. Rogue was one of the best team in the scene and the roster played together for Team France during the Overwatch World Cup. Unfortunately Rogue could not secure a position at the Overwatch League. Despite having the money ( $20 million ) for the Overwatch league, their application was denied.

With Blizzcon being over, it means that was maybe the last time you’ve seen that French squad play together.
We’re obviously sad that it ended this way, but we also couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished this year together.
Everyone on this team is a huge talent, and deserve the very best, and i’m sure, even if we’re apart, that we’ll all reach the top and cross paths again.
I wanted to thank every single one of my teammates for being the best persons i ever played with, and i’ll never forget everything we’ve done together. I obviously have to thank all the staff behind us working day and night just to make sure we’re okay, nothing of what we accomplished could have been done without them. Lifetime memories.
As of myself, not being in OWL for now, i’ll most likely play in Contenders, stream a lot, and i’ll fully focus on improving myself as a player to show everyone i’m worth being in the big league, and i’ll never give up on that until i’m at the top again.
Thank you to everyone who’s been really supportive lately, this just makes me want to keep going even stronger, and it means a lot to me.

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