Unkoe from Rogue bids farewell to his ex-Teammates

Rogue was one of the best teams in Overwatch. They had an amazing run where they constantly challenged the top teams from Korea. The team which was considered to be one sure team for the Overwatch League unfortunately was not able to enter into the League. The team did have the money, but they were not admitted into the League. This came as a huge shock to the players and the community at large.

Hey, I just wanted to say one last time thanks to my mates Mex, Lanf3ust, NiCO, KnOxXx, aKm and winz for all we lived together, there was a lot of ups and downs, arguments for bullshit but the main thing is to stay together for as long and the final split against our will.

Many people do not know the shit we had during this short year of competition, but we can never blame them for not knowing the truth.

People even manage to forget the carnage we made this year in America, but at least we know that it will stay in our heads, this moment when everyone had the chiasse to play us.
I do not know if it will help if I’m the one who says it, but you are monsters at your post and I’m sad to see you without OWL team because you deserve it all, seemingly to win as much tournament, experience in lan are not enough to go back to owl ..

For the case of winz, you never have anyone on this game that will happen to have the track record of this guy, he played lucio for the team, but I do not know if need to remember that he was DPS / FLEX when Snape won Gamescom and APAC. His vision of the game is one of the best in the game, he could have brought a lot to an OWL team, but well on the one hand, we must believe that the teams do not deserve it.
As for aKm, you really have to be blind to not realize that he is one of the best dps of the game (Pharah, Mccree, Soldier, Reaper) he has proven many times that he had the best level on this kind of pick and he could still flex on other picks.
His aim is monstrous and that since well before Overwatch ..
To finish on the brothers tic and toc, I spent two years of my life in the same team as you, and I have no regrets, you are two super guys intelligent, full of skill and experience, thank you for his two years the friends we laughed good fucking <3
My cock NiCO, you had a hard time integrating the asshole we are my friend and I understand you It’s not easy to live with us.
Despite that, we managed to win some tournaments! and it’s thanks to you guy, we needed a guy who smashes ass on genji, it’s not winz who was going to play genji with his 10 hours in quickplay lol.
People think that NiCO gets carried away, while it is the centerpiece of our success, it was our best choice after the departure of TviQ and Reinforce.
And we will have no regrets on that.
I’ll say because despite the bullshit we see on Reddit, JVC, Twitch cat.
NiCO is the guy that a team wants. (Motivation, perfectionist about himself, he cracks the game as nobody crames him, and he has no time to eat and sleep is for the weak) “we are here to dose brother”
J ‘
Teddy KnOxXx, more than a year with you papi, you too easily had your place in owl, nothing to prove, victories on tf2 in the inter level channel, experience, majors won overwatch.
You proved your dominance on a new class quickly, and god knows it’s not easy, you had trouble early on reinhardt, which is normal given the difficulty to play this pick in question and a margin of delay to catch up with other tank players.
You still managed to get a good level over time and prove to people that you’re not a monkey otp! GL & HF for the Papi suite.
Mex and Lanf3ust, the guys from the shadows, I’ll summarize because I do not want to write a book so there are things to explain about you.

All we do not want to do? Lanf and Mex do it.
Need a service? Lanf and Mex do it.
Need to talk? they do it too.
Just to say that they are gold guys, and they have made countless service.
I love you guys <3 I hope you find your shoe for the rest of your career!
It’s not my thing to write stuff like that, you know it but it’s still 2 years of my life on the same team since the beginning of the game, and I will not forget it because it’s still the thing that launched me and propelled to the heart of the overwatch scene.
I think I have summarized, it’s time for me to pack my bags and leave for a new family with Terence bro, I hope we’ll meet again the pitchou, zoubite <3

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