Morior Invictus banned from ESEA

Morior Invictus have been banned from ESEA network. This is mainly due to their owners conduct and unprofessional behaviour. The full statement from ESEA which can be found on their official forums reads as :

After recent information was brought to light about the actions of the owner of the Morior Invictus Esports, ESEA has taken further steps to ban the organization from the ESEA network. PZLA, the owner of the organization, has been involved with making threats towards users streaming matches of their team, as well as making threats towards partners/sponsors of the ESEA League for hosting the content.

This behavior is unacceptable, and we have chosen to remove him and his organizations’ name/images from the ESEA network. We will work with the players on the team to continue their play on ESEA through this change.

We are also in the process of reviewing our broadcast policy and process for 3rd party talent to broadcast ESEA matches in the ESEA League. We expect to announce these changes toward the end of Season 26 in the next few weeks. For the remainder of this season, we welcome anyone to cover North American ESEA matches that are not being broadcast by ESEAtv, as we have done historically.

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