Immortals reportedly seeking $1 million for the three benched players

Three of the top players from the Immortals team were recently asked to go on the bench after their debacle. The Immortals organisation has since acquire more Brazilian players to fill the void left by Lucas, Hen1 and KngV. Ofcourse the new players might not be considered to be on the same level as these three players, but they definitely can make an impact quite similar to that of the three players.

In a report by HLTV; Immortals is reportedly seeking $1 million for any organisation looking to buyout the contracts of the three players. The high price tag is essentially due to the “Major Spot” held by these players. The three players were involved in the Immortals roster which reached the finals of PGL Krakow Major. As a result any team that involves the three players will seek a legends spot and a prestigious one at that. However the high price tag is definitely dissuading potential organisations from buying out the contracts. There is also a November 7 deadline set by Noah Whinston as he seeks to sell the contracts of these players.

This November 7 deadline is particularly due to the fact that Valve have set november 10 as the last date for Legends team to submit their team names and rosters. There is also another complication which has been pointed out by HLTV.

Any organisation or investor interested in securing ex-Immortals’ services will also need to reach an agreement with TeamOne for the transfer of bit, who has been moved to a backup position by the Brazilian organisation as he looks to resolve his future.

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