Tseini and Fahzix from Envision step down from the roster

ENvision used to be one of the strongest Overwatch teams. However their inability to secure a place in the Overwatch League meant that the players slowly started drifting away from the team. The latest players to be stepping down from the roster are Tseini and Fahzix. These two players have been instrumental in the success stories for the team and are generally considered good players to be picked up in the inaugural season of OWL.

Since EnVision started in January, our roster has rapidly improved and we have worked our way into the spotlight of the eSports community. With this success has come the realization that changes over time will be inevitable for continued growth.

With recent performances in mind and our eyes set on both Season 2 Contenders and Season 2 OWL, Riley ‘Fahzix’ Taylor and Jani ‘Tseini’ Kähkönen have agreed to step down from our active roster. Fahzix and Tseini each played a substantial role in the success of the team over the past several months and we are certain they have only begun their journeys in the Overwatch competitive scene.

EnVision views this roster move as an opportunity to seek players with strengths and personalities that will complement those of our active roster. We hope our fans will support EnVision through these impending changes, as we strive to become top contenders in the Overwatch competitive industry. 

– Artur “SuB” Minacov, Owner

However with the OWL signing coming to an end soon, we might not see these players in any roster anytime soon.


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