Team Nowaifunolaifu will be disbanding and its good for some players

With some players from the team being approached for the OWL spots, we will see Team Nowaifunolaifu disbanding. The European Overwatch scene was thrown into turmoil after Cloud9 announced the Kongdoo roster. There is simply no refusal on the part of the players as they know they would find it difficult to get another chance with only twelve teams in the inaugural OWL Season. 

We’re sorry to announce that we didn’t manage to find a Waifu and your favourite team no longer will be playing together.
The reason for the disbandment comes after multiple players received offers from other teams that they could not turn down on. There is no hard feelings between anyone on the team, but the EU scene is just too wild west atm and it is hard for talented players to stick together without any support.

Everyone on the lineup was really talented and if any team out there is looking for new crew members don’t hestitate to contact any of them!

I wish all of the players the best and hope to see them in the Overwatch scene in the future!

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