Reason acquire Danish roster

Reason Gaming have announced the acquisition of a Danish roster for their CSGO team. This roster will be playing next in the Gfinity Elite Series Season 2. The organisation has been featuring a British team for much of the previous editions of the tournament. For this year, their acquisition of a Danish roster sends a signal that they believe will be the better choice.

The team is led by Minet, a very well known CSGO player. This team will feature players such as :

Denmark Thomas “haste” Dyrensborg
Denmark Oliver “minet” Minet
Denmark Sebastian “Basso” Aagaard
Denmark Kevin “KS” Svenningsen
Denmark Rene “TeSeS” Madsen

Denmark Christian “rezex” Bjerregaard (substitute)

Denmark Jacob “thamlike” Holm (draft)
United Kingdom Nick “zeo” Jugjeewon (draft)

A statement by Minet :

I am personally thrilled to be back at a somewhat competitive level, the vast majority of people on the Danish scene had little to no faith in a 1.6’er that showed up way too late to the party,” he said.

“The fact that haste and I could build this team together is invigorating beyond belief! Other than that, I just can’t wait to show that I do want to compete at that highest of levels.


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