Team Liquid release their players from contracts

Team Liquid had a very strong team in Overwatch. However that being said the team has had players from other esports titles. The team fell apart partly when PUBG was the principal game for some of the players.

With Azk also returning to CSGO, mainly due to ESIC ( Which includes Dreamhack/ESL ) deciding to allow the ex-IBP players, Azk has the chance to make a great comeback into CSGO.

MESR also announced his departure and retirement from Overwatch.

For the past month I have been re-evaluating my options. I’ve had discussions with close friends and family, and really looked inward into what I wanted to do in my future. After much deliberation, I think it’s safe to say I’m going to be taking an indefinite time away from Overwatch. This is not a conclusion I’ve come to recently, as I’ve thought about this many times in the past. To put it simply, I haven’t fully enjoyed playing Overwatch for awhile now, and with that I think my passion for the game and the competitive aspects have slowly dwindled or faded away. I think this is somewhat noticeable if anyone has noticed my in-game level being probably the lowest out of any professional, somewhere below 300 last I checked. I’m not sure if I will return to Overwatch, but if I did it would probably be an a different capacity; an analyst, a coach, something like that.

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