Liquid and Newbee invited to Starladder Invitational

The Starladder invitational is one of the biggest Dota2 events in the next few months. Already being branded as a major, the tournament will see participation from the top teams in the world. The first two invites to the tournament are Liquid and Newbee. The tournament will be held from October 12-15. The two invited teams are Liquid and Newbee and they will be joined by Six qualified teams from various regional qualifiers.

Team Liquid and Newbee received direct invites to Invitational

Team Liquid are reigning world champions after their emphatic victory at The International 2017, and with the legendary KuroKy at the helm is the biggest name in Dota 2 right now. What is more Team Liquid are the victors of two of our competitions earlier in 2017; StarSeries Season 3 and a previous season of Invitational, making them technically defending champions.

NewBee are the second direct invite for SL i-League Invitational S3 courtesy of their excellent second place at The International 2017 and a brilliant 2016/17 TI season overall. The champions of D2PL Season 2 and ZOTAC Cup Masters, Newbee decided to make no changes to their lineup heading into this season, and the SL i-League Invitational S3 will be their first LAN appearance after TI.

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