Fxy0 makes comeback in MeMyself&I

Fxyo was banned by Valve for match fixing. He is an extremely talented individual who has proven himself repeatedly on LAN matches. However in the era of CounterStrike when fixing matches was an easy task, he also bit the bait and it resulted in a ban for him.

Third party organisations also followed suit and banned the player in accordance with Valve’s ruling. With the recent ESIC Decision and Dreamhack and ESL aligning themselves with the decision, it seems there is a new lease of life for these players.

Hello everyone,

I have the pleasure of announcing the arrival of fxy0 into the team today! After his ban was lifted from ESL/ESEA and DreamHack, he contacted us and we immediately took him in, his skill not being something that needs to be proven, and his contributions outside the game are undeniable.

Sadly, new arrivals usually come hand in hand with departures, and today it is Smyli who leaves us. He is a player full of potential, although he sometimes had some trouble crystallizing it during his time with us, and I wholeheartedly hope that his future will be paved with success.

We will participate in several offline and online events until the end of the year, notably ESL Major League Winter and ESEA Main.

See you soon!

Belgium David “Davidp” Prins
France Mathieu “LaAw” Plantin
France Lucas “Lucky” Chastang
France Charles “CREA^” Beauvois
France Joey “fxy0” Schlosser

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