AAA return to CSGO by signing WySix gaming

Against All Authority is one of the most well known French esports organisations in the past. Their absence from CSGO has definitely been somewhat surprising, but they have decided to return to CSGO with the signing of Wysix Gaming.

Their roster will include :

France Flavien “wallax” Lebreton
France Benjamin “waneG” Taquet
Belgium Benoît “MetaL” Guelette
France Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut
France Matthéo “nonick” Canei

“Today we are joining aAa, a legendary Counter-Strike organization. This is very motivational for all of us. The team will do everything to make this tag shine once again. With this announcement, I’d also like to confirm that nonick will be our 5th player. We are very delighted to have him again within the team, and he has had a great impact on our performances.

“After Delaney left I became the in-game leader once again, but I will be helped by our new coach, none other than the great, handsome, and old Ozstrik3r. His vision of the game and his working methods will obviously help us grow and shine. We now have everything we need to become better, let’s prove everyone that we can write another (or even many other) pages of aAa’s history.

“Thanks to everyone who supports us, we’re always happy to read your words of encouragement!”

Source : HLTV

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