Team Empire make roster changes

Team Empire made some changes to their roster following their disappointment at the TI7. Rodjer, who was an integral part of the team left the team and has now been replaced by Vandskor.

Ivan VANSKOR Skorokhod will play as a fifth position support for Team Empire. We hope the roster turns out to be as strong as their twitter feed.

“#NotEmpireAllTime. Vanya, it was this hashtag I used in my post on the VKontakte network on November 16, 2016 and was wrong. 

With the advent of Vanya, we got a good visp, a shotcaller at the beginning of the game, a positive teammate and just a beautiful blond (well, almost blond). I hope that the level of comfort in our team will be enough for Ivan to be at ease. 

In our team, Vanya will play in the fifth position, Yaroslav Miposhka Naidyonov will return to the fourth position. The ammunition is collected, we have only to shoot. “

Team Empire Manager


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