KngV retaliates at Dreamhack over their ‘quick punishment’

Dreamhack are one of the best tournament organisers in esports. They have hosted tournaments across cities and prize pools. The tournament admins however have come under a lot of flak recently due to their handling of the Immortals situation. The Immortals team were forcefully made to forfeit a map against North gaming in the finals.

This led to Immortals losing the series after just one map loss. Obviously this was mainly due to the rumor that Immortals players had been partying the night before. While that was a joke by FNS, it led to serious consequences for the Immortals CSGO squad with promise of more to come.

This tweet , KNGV mentions how Dreamhack failed to act as swiftly when Immortals were stranded on the road for several hours on end. This was unprecedented and a bad situation for the Immortals roster , however it definitely does not forgive the unprofessionalism on the part of the players in not turning up for the finals on time.

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