ESG Mykonos admins release statement regarding the semifinal decision

The ESG Mykonos tournament has seen its fair share of problems with technical difficulties being the order of the day. There were just too many delays and glitches with the power equipment constantly shutting down for certain sections of the match.

The semi finals were affected in a similar manner when the entire mousesports team was disconnected due to power issues. The round was almost a sure win for Virtus Pro with Mousesports already calling for a save. However the tournament admins decided to deviate from the norm and allow a full replay multiple times.

The official announcement for the same is given as :

With respect to the ruling on the vs mousesports semifinal and the unexpected technical issues that caused the entire mousesports lineup to disconnect from the game, we decided to deviate from section 5.12 of the rulebook.

In the spirit of fair play and competitive integrity, we decided not to follow the rulebook and ask the team representatives if they would agree to restart the round at the exact time mousesports disconnected.

On the first replay, one of the mousesports players was not in the right position and so in order to maintain our initial intentions on fair play, we decided to set it up again correctly.

Our hats are off to who agreed to this “unconventional” ruling.

We hope you will still enjoy the last day we have prepared for Betway ESG Tour Mykonos 2017!

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