Uzzii and Biggy in new Syndicate Lineup

Uzzii, Biggy, Hyskoa and Kensia and a new player named RobiNasty will be forming a new team. This comes just weeks after we have seen ESL and ESEA break away from the Valve decision to ban these players indefinitely. With this new team the players will be able to compete in ESL and ESEA matches. With Dreamhack also allowing and aligning itself with ESIC, we will hopefully see more gameplay from this team.

“After these long awaited news (or not :p) about us being unbanned by ESEA/ESL, it is with pleasure that I announce the return of the trio fxy0, B1GGY, and myself. We will be accompanied by HysokA and Kensia in this new adventure. Despite the fact that we’re still banned from the Majors/Minors, we will try to participate in everything we can, online or offline, with the support of our new family, Syndicate! You will already be able to find us at our offline debut, which will be GAME ARENA in Valenciennes, on September 30! We´re ready to regain these feelings that we´ve missed so much! Thank you Syndicate, Mika, Romain, and FoxINK for your trust!

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