ROG is the title sponsor for Dreamleague Season 8

Dreamleague Season 8 will take place from December 1 onwards. The tournament which will see a prize pool of $1,000,000 and feature the top Eight teams will see ROG as the title sponsor for the second year running. The tournament will take place in Sweden and will be a lovely ending to the year of Dota2 which saw the International break all records.

“With DreamHack continuing its focus on Dota 2 and once again organizing the playoffs at DreamHack Winter in front of a huge live audience – and with Valve showing their support for the league by making it a major – we believe that the 8th season of ROG DreamLeague will be the most exciting so far,” commented Marcus Hultin, Marketing Manager for Nordic ROG“Needless to say, Republic of Gamers is very happy to be back as the title sponsor of ROG DreamLeague.”

For more information about Dreamleague Season 8, check out their website.

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