NIP invited to IEM Oakland 2017

The winners of last years tournament NIP have been invited to IEM Oakland 2017. Last year we saw NIP win the tournament after defeating SK Gaming in the finals. They will join eight invited teams and three qualified teams.

Obviously that was a different iteration of the NIP roster with Friberg and Pyth still a part of the roster lineup. Now they have Draken and Rez in the team and they have been looking extremely strong with the young duo. With Get_right and F0rest also improving significantly in their performances this year we might as well see the team doing exceptionally well this tournament.

With NiP‘s addition, the team list for IEM Oakland is now the following:

Denmark AstralisEurope FaZe
France G2Brazil SK
United States Cloud9United States Liquid
Kazakhstan GambitBrazil Immortals
Sweden NiPEurope EU Qualifier
North America NA QualifierOther SEA Qualifier

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