Kipspul joins Vega Squadron as their Dota2 coach

Kipspul has joined Vega Squadron as their Dota2 coach. The announcement was made on the Vega Squadron website which will see the first time that Vega Squadron has a foreign coach for their roster.

«I’ve been following Kips from back when she was Fnatic coach and was impressed by her commitment and dedication! I’m sure Murielle will help our players find the right gameplay so they could reach tier-1 teams list, this is what we’re aiming for. Welcome to Vega Squadron!»

Vega Squadron CEO

Vega Squadron Dota 2 roster:

Illya «ALOHADANCE» Korobkin
Sergey «G» Bragin
Vasily «AfterLife» Shishkin
Airat «Silent» Gaziev
Semion «CemaTheSlayeR» Krivulya
Murielle «Kipspul» Huisman (coach)

Source : Vega Squadron Website


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