Oomba acquires GameWorks to establish esports Arena

Gameworks is a chain of gaming and Arcade centres in addition to full bars and restaurants. There are seven Gameworks centres all across the nation with the latest one being (re)opened in Las Vegas. It has now been revealed that Oomba will be acquiring Gameworks. They plan to turn the centres into esports Arenas and centres for viewing esports.

Gameworks has gone through several problems mostly related to financials. Several of the locations have been closed down in recent years. GameWorks had been operated in collaboration between video game developer and publisher Sega and DreamWorks, the film production studio headed by Steven Spielberg.

What is Oomba?

Oomba was founded in 2012 by Michael Williams and Nolan Bushnell. Bushnell is known for being a founder of both video game developer Atari and the Chuck E. Cheese pizza and arcade chain.

Oomba is a mobile based app which helps people to organise and run tournaments. This acquisition of Gameworks provides them with venues to help their customers.

With esports booming in recent years, this investment definitely seems to be a wise one. If they are able to manage it properly, it can be a burgeoning business opportunity. Converting online esports matches into real world physical venues can be a lucrative opportunity for the company.

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