NRG signs Sinatraa, but he wont be able to play in OWL just yet

The Overwatch League is coming upon us soon and we are getting more and more news about the league and its signings. NRG have just announced the signing of Sinaatra. Sinaatra is a 17 year old player who is currently one of the best in the world in Overwatch. His behaviour might not be the best when it comes to team play, however there is no denial of his skill.

According to ESPN, the signing amount is worth $150,000. The base amount for signing in the OWL is $50,000. This is decent considering all the other benefits that come with being associated in the Overwatch League. With the player benefits definite to be a crucial aspect of the contracts, a signing amount of $150,000 is definitely very good.

Being under-age, Sinaatraƛ mother will be signing the contract for the player. He will not be able to play in NRG till we are way in the middle of Overwatch League. However considering his skill this is definitely something that is a good idea for NRG.

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