Epsilon win Gfinity Elite Series 1

Epsilon are the victors for Gfinity Elite Series 1. The tournament was held in London and saw four teams battle it out in a round robin format. The finals was a Best of Five affair between Epsilon and Prophecy.

Epsilon were able to easily close out the match 3-0 after defeating their opponents on all the three maps. The Dominance shown by Epsilon re-establishes them as one of the best T2 teams in the region.

The distribution of the Prize pool was as :

1. Europe Epsilon – £40,000 (~$51,700)
2. Europe Prophecy – £20,000 (~$25,900)
3. France EnVyUs Academy – £15,000 (~$19,400)
4. United Kingdom exceL – £10,000 (~$13,000)

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