Denial staff leave organisation following delayed payment news

Several of the staff for Denial esports have announced their departure from the team following the news outbreak of their non-payment to the players. This comes even as several other staff are in plans of leaving the organisation. The Denial esports organization has esports teams in several esports including H1Z1, PUBG and CSGO. They owe money to multiple teams . According to a report by SlingShotsports, Denial owe the H1Z1 team $22,700 in salary and prize money.

Denial H1Z1 team recently participated in the ¨Fight for the Crown” tournament. The prize money from the tournament went directly to the organisation. They have failed to disburse the prize money to the players in time.

They also owe their CSGO team almost $50000 in prize money. The situation in CSGO team is so dire that some players have had to borrow money in order to stay afloat.

When asked for a statement the Denial CEO blamed the banks :

“Addressing the (Fight for the Crown) payment, I told the team we have had transfer issues with the payout that our bank has completely dropped the ball on, and if it was not rectified this week we would be fronting the money until we are able to get those issues sorted,” Ringnalda wrote. “In order to prevent these issues from possibly occurring again, we agreed to have the payout from DreamHack Atlanta go directly to the players and, as apology for the issue, agreed to not take our 15 percent cut from those winnings.”

More information can be found in the SlingShotsports article.

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