Red Reserve part ways with their CSGO team

Red Reserve have announced the parting of ways with their CSGO Team. This decision follows rumors of problems within the squad. This was confirmed by Red Reserve in their official statement which reads as :

“In terms of progress and placements, the team cannot be faulted, they completed goals and challenges set my themselves and the organization. However, internal problems have caused problems that cannot be fixed under our organization. We pride ourselves on our players being happy and content with the team and organization and we did everything possible to make it work. The team departs on good terms and we wish the squad all the best and truly hope to see them at the top one day.”

The squad will play under the tag passions from now on. They will also not be featuring Maikelele who will be looking for a new team very soon.

“We are not a part of team Red Reserve anymore and we are looking for a new organization. If anyone is interested they can contact me by email at”

Passions now have the following roster:


Source : HLTV

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