Lunatic Hai plans to enter PUBG and CSGO

Lunatic Hai is one of the best known Korean Overwatch Teams. They regularly feature full house in the stadium whenever they have their matches in Seoul. Lunatic Haiś fan following is not limited to KOrea but has a global following. Keeping this in mind, they plan to expand to other esports as well. According to this report from SlingShotesports, Lunatic Hai will be entering into CSGO and PUBG.

“Our team is planning to enter new games, as well as opening an official website. The games are Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds…Additionally, we hope to clarify on some current misunderstandings. Lunatic-Hai has been a FPS clan, and have been operated for a long history. We are currently separate from the sponsor of the Overwatch team.”

There have been no revelations about the roster changes for the Korean team.

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